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From cryotherapy balls to salt baths: Jodie Comer on her skincare and self-care rituals

Ahead of the BAFTA TV Awards, where she won leading actress, Bazaar caught up with Jodie Comer to see how she preps for special events, and decompresses afterwards

jodie comer bafta tv awards 2022

Multifaceted actress Jodie Comer has become the TV icon of her generation. This weekend she was deservedly crowned leading actress at the BAFTA TV Awards for her role in Help (an accolade she previously scooped for her alluring assassin portrayal in Killing Eve – the show that propelled Comer to fame). Ahead of the ceremony, and between stints in the West End production of Prima Facie, we caught up with the 29-year-old face of Noble Panacea skincare to discuss her special event beauty prep, and how she stays on top of her self-care while juggling so many projects.

On her skincare routine and managing breakouts

“I start with a cleanse, using a coconut oil or something un-fragranced. Then, depending on the time of year, I use the Noble Panacea Prime Radiance Serum, which is super light but really hydrating, underneath moisturiser. I feel like moisturiser is key. What I love about the Radiant Resilience Moisturiser is the consistency of it – it soaks in but it also stays. I hate when I put on a face cream and it completely disappears, leaving your skin tight, and you're not quite sure what good it’s done.

“Coming up to an event, I like to use something like a cyro ball that lives in the freezer and you can roll over your face – it takes away puffiness. Noble Panacea has just released this lovely new product, The Exceptional Chronobiology Sleep Mask, with a little sculpting gua sha. I keep that in the fridge so it’s a little bit cooler when I put it on my skin.

“One thing my friend Jasmina, a facialist, is always screaming from the rooftops, is not to sit in the sun and you must always, no matter what the weather, wear SPF. So that's definitely another element to my routine. I always go for Avene because it isn’t too thick; I find that if I put too much product on my skin it gets kind of clogged very easily.

“I've recently discovered Dots for Spots Pimple Patches on Amazon and ordered a pack of 60. They’re amazing. As I’ve been wearing a mask a lot in the theatre I have been getting spots on the lower part of my face which is a nightmare – with the BAFTAs on Sunday I was like ‘oh no!’. The little stickers are flesh coloured and pretty subtle – I have one on right now. If my skin is bad, sometimes covering up [with make-up] will make it worse. So if I can persevere for as long as I can with these I will.”

On facial treatments and picking up professional tips and tricks

“Jasmina does a lot of lasers, she does peels, and facial massage. Each person gets a completely different experience depending on what their skin is like, which I think is when you can tell that someone really knows what they're doing. When you go for a facial and it feels like someone has stroked your face for an hour, and you kind of fall asleep, I always feel a bit cheated.

“There’s overconsumption within the beauty industry; there's always something new that you ‘need’, and people are always training in new services. In a treatment I always really appreciate when you find someone who really cares about what they do, and fully understands what it is that they are doing.

“It’s facialist Anastasia Achilleos who I’ll be prepping with for the BAFTAs. She has a beautiful holistic approach to beauty. It was Anastasia who actually taught me the importance of bathing to reset and take care of my mental health.”

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Agata Pospieszynska for Harper's Bazaar

On self-care, exercise and mindfulness

Baths are a big thing for me. Especially doing theatre at the moment and needing a way to decompress and step away from what it is that I'm doing. I'm an Epsom salt, essential oil, incense-burning bath person. I really, really love it – probably a little bit too much actually!

“I really enjoy Pilates. I like to do yoga, although it’s something that always seems to fall by the wayside. Whenever I get back into it, I'm like, ‘why did I ever leave this?’.

“I also like this app called Insight Timer, which has different meditations and talks on it from practitioners and teachers from all over the world. You can search for things depending on what it is you're struggling with or what you are focused on.”

On make-up outside of work and for special events

“I'm really lazy with my own make-up to be honest. I can't remember the last time I went in my make-up bag. Which is embarrassing.

“I really love Hourglass, I think their products are so beautiful. I like that with their foundation sticks you can control the coverage. I'm using a Surratt concealer palette at the moment; it has two different shades and a really beautiful under-eye powder in it. My make-up artist on Killing Eve and for Prima Facie, Amy Brand, uses a brightening powder on top of a cream concealer which works wonders – I have very dark circles under my eyes and it’s so brightening.

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“For events I work with Alex Babsky [a make-up artist] who is a genius. In the morning of an event he'll bring forward an idea and we'll discuss it, then if there's anything I really don't like – which never happens – we can speak about it.

“He really cares about the prep of the skin and massages your face. There’s a real patience with him and I love having him around; there’s something very soothing about his presence on crazy days!

“A tip that I learned from Alex is not to be scared to use your hands when applying foundation. Your fingertips can mean the way that a product then soaks into your skin creates a lovely dewy quality.”

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On her beauty icons

“I think Sienna Miller always looks incredible. It's always very simple, but whatever she does in her beauty always works so well with what she wears, and I feel like she has a real strong sense of self. I always really enjoy how she incorporates that when she's in the public eye or at events.”

jodie comer bafta tv awards 2022
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Jodie Comer is Noble Panacea’s Global Brand Ambassador

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