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Five things to watch in June

Your small screen highlights for the month ahead

everything i know about love

A new month brings with it a roster of enticing new TV offerings. June's line up features a truly diverse mix, from season two of the unique murder-mystery comedy Only Murders in the Building to the creeping TV adaptation of the cult English sci-fi The Midwich Cuckoos, starring Keeley Hawes. A recent big streaming hit has been Hacks, which arrived this side of the Atlantic just this spring, and the Amazon show about a mismatched comedy duo is already back for a triumphant second season this month. But June's flagship small-screen arrival has to be the eagerly-awaited Everything I Know About Love, the BBC TV adaptation of Dolly Alderton's bestselling memoir.

Here's our essential watch list for the month ahead...

1/ Everything I know About Love

everything i know about love

Based on the highly-acclaimed, bestselling memoir by Dolly Alderton, Everything I Know About Love is a revelation. Lovingly rendered, beautifully acted and vibrantly told, it is an homage to London in the mid-noughties and the messy, wonderful reality of life in your twenties. Everything you expect from the memoir is there – the close-knit female friendships, the boozy dates and the (brilliantly thinly-veiled) Made in Chelsea job – yet it is also an entirely different beast. Alderton, who both creates and writes the adaptation, has forged a refreshingly unique drama with a witty script and incisive characterisation, that never strays into the overly sentimental or predictable beats of other shows like it. Much of this is due to the astonishing cast, chief among which is a star-making turn by Emma Appleton, whose Maggie is far more than a Dolly stand-in, but a cult character in the making.

Everything I know about Love is showing on BBC One and BBC iplayer from 7 June

2/ The Lazarus Project

the lazarus project

If you had the power to go back and change an event in time, would you? Or, more importantly – should you? That is the knotty ethical question at the heart of The Lazarus Project, a gripping eight-part drama dropping on Sky and NowTV this month. The story follows George (played by the always-excellent I May Destroy You actor Paapa Essiedu) as he stumbles upon the time-bending secret Lazarus Project; a covert organisation which moves back and forth in time in order to save the planet from extinction. An action drama which owes much of its DNA to spy fiction and previous shows like the BBC’s The Capture, this is compelling but also shrewdly funny; managing to expertly blend heart-racing tension and intrigue with humour. It brings everything you love about a big-budget blockbuster to the small screen, and reveals a star quality in its leading man.

The Lazarus Project is streaming on Now TV from 16 June.

3/ Only Murders in the Building

only murders in the building

This beloved sleeper hit is back for a second season, with more mismatched buddy comedy antics from its amateur-sleuth podcasters. The unlikely trio of Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin have reunited for a second stab (no pun intended) at solving murders in their exclusive Upper East side apartment block. This time, not only are they tasked with exonerating themselves (and making a second season of their podcast), they are joined by some illustrious new cast members, from Shirley MacLaine and Cara Delevingne to Amy Schumer playing a heightened version of herself. If you haven’t caught up on the sharp first season, now is your chance.

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 is streaming on Disney + from 28 June

4/ The Midwich Cuckoos

midwich cuckoos

Based on the cult 1957 novel by John Wyndham, this creepy sci-fi tale follows a sleepy English village which is invaded by aliens – by impregnating all the women. Sinister and atmospheric, the book has twice been made into a film (titled Village of the Damned both times) but this Sky adaptation will be its first TV incarnation. This eight-part series is a modern retelling which behaves as though Emmerdale had been crossed with Stranger Things, and stars Keeley Hawes and Max Beesley. Addictive and absorbing, it will be your new mildly-terrifying (OK, really quite scary) binge-watch.

The Midwich Cuckoos is streaming on NowTV from 3 June

5/ Hacks

hacks amazon

UK fans of this award-laden show didn’t need to wait long for a second season. Just two months after its release on Prime, we are being treated to a second instalment of the story of legendary stand up Deborah Vance and her unlikely mentee, partner and comedic foil, down-on-her-luck comedy writer, Ava. What will become of Deborah’s new material on tour? Will Ava’s drunken candidness come back to haunt her? Will Marcus ever go climbing with those awful toe shoes? Picking up immediately where the first season left off, the second season takes everything you first loved about the show and explodes it, with more humour, more touching moments and the expansion of its coterie of beloved supporting characters. Catch up now if you haven’t already, ready to dive into one of this year’s biggest small screen hits. You will not be disappointed.

Hacks season 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime from 10 June

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